• I took a macramé class and it's really great, great service and lots of fun. Nice selection of equipment too

    Susi F.

  • I recommend the creative courses/workshops which are well explained and affordable (materials included in the course price). Great activity to exchange with other participants and learn in a group.

    Myriam M.

  • The beginner macramé class was for me a moment of pure relaxation and happiness with a patient and smiling teacher.

    Sophie L.

Upcoming training and workshops


Our training

Oka-T Boutique Atelier offers a unique artisanal experience that highlights the quality of training, warm exchanges and mutual assistance between craft enthusiasts. Located in the beautiful city of Quebec, our workshop has become a favorite place for those looking to develop their creative side and master various artisanal techniques.

What sets us apart is the quality and wide variety of training that is offered. Each course is carefully designed to provide an enriching and fulfilling learning experience. Whether to learn new techniques or to participate in a creative workshop, all of our training courses have been developed to encourage the creativity of each participant.

Our training is not simply lectures, but rather mixed sessions, with a lecture portion and a practical portion. Participants are encouraged to share their ideas, experiences and challenges. This collaborative climate encourages the emergence of a community of artisans who encourage each other to push the limits of their creativity. The workshops thus become real places of sharing where bonds of friendship are woven around a common passion for craftsmanship.

Each training is designed to stimulate the creative development of participants. Rather than focusing only on specific lesson examples, our courses explore a range of craft techniques, from basic to advanced methods. This helps develop a comprehensive understanding of their preferred craft while encouraging the discovery of their own unique style.

The techniques taught are approached with careful attention to detail, allowing participants to hone their skills and produce creations of exceptional quality. Each step of the process is guided with patience and expertise, ensuring that learners leave with a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their ability to create remarkable works of art.

Oka-T Boutique Atelier is much more than just a space to learn craft techniques. It is a true source of creative development where the quality of training, warm exchanges and mutual assistance between craft enthusiasts are highlighted. Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned crafter looking to deepen your skills, we offer you an unforgettable learning experience to enable you to develop your passion and flourish in the wonderful world of crafting.